I've got something to sell - FAQ

Ive got something to sell - FAQ

1. How do I start?

Call in to the shop in Ledbury or ring us, we can set up an account for you. The items brought to us for sale must be in first class state, not previously offered for sale and ideally should be not more than 2 years old unless Vintage. We reserve the right to refuse items we feel are not suitable.

2. Can I post you the items?

Yes, certainly but you need to make sure that the items are insured and sent recorded delivery signed for. You must keep a list of the items and include a copy with the parcel

3. How do you establish a price?

You can tell us how much you wish to sell the item for, or you can take our advice.  Items are offered by us in the shop for a period of 6 weeks and if after this time they have not been collected by the seller will be reduced in price for a further 2 weeks. We sell on a 50-50 comission basis.

4. What do you do with clothes that are not collected?

After this period of 8 weeks (6 + 2 as above) has elapsed goods will be given to charity if they have not been collected within this time. Over the years Connections customers have benefitted our local St Michaels Hospice by over £32,000, something we are all very proud of.

5. How do you pay me?

When the item has sold, we pay in cash or cheque if you are coming into the shop, or we can post you a cheque.

6. Do you clear wardrobes?

Yes, we pride ourselves on a discrete and compassionate service and can always assist.


Our full information is available in the Terms and Conditions page on this website